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Properties Of Graphic Files For Website

There are many graphic formats available within web market which is used by many companies which have excellent graphic design portfolio. The graphic file formats supported by nearly all popular web browsers are Graphic Interchange Format (GIF), Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), Portable Network Graphics (PNG) and vector graphics. Professional web design firm are using this entire format smartly to take their firms towards a top level.

Following are the properties for graphic files need to know:

Transparency – this property allows the image to be unreliable degrees of opaqueness from solid to completely transparent.

Compression – this property allows the image to be stored in a smaller file by using a mathematical algorithm to grip groups of pixels as a single item.

Interlacing – this property allows the image to be encumbered by first drawing the odd rows and then drawing the even rows. It allows the visitor to see the depiction quicker.

Animation – Animation gives the appearance of movement by using a series of successive still pictures. Animated gifs do not require a browser plug-in and almost all devices support it.

These list it not limited there are other properties are present for graphic files which is really helpful for choosing a format for website.


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