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Introduction On Ruby-A Programming Language

Ruby is an object oriented programming language which combines syntax influenced by other programming languages Perl and Smalltalk. It is very reflective and dynamic programming language is used by programmers of many well known web development company in Japan mostly. In the mid-1990, at Japan Yukihiro Matsumotoit had developed and designed Ruby. It supports multiple programming paradigms, including functional, object oriented, essential and philosophical. It also has a dynamic type system and supports automatic memory management.

The standard 1.8.7 accomplishment is written in C. The specifications of this object oriented programming language are presently being developed by the Open Standards Promotion Center of the Information-Technology Promotion Agency. In 2010, there are a number of complete or upcoming substitute implementations of this object oriented programming language, including YARV, JRuby, HotRuby Rubinius, MacRuby  and IronRuby. It’s development is on process and very soon all over the world it will be supported by programmers. In future it will become a powerful object oriented programming language.


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  3. Learn Hebrew December 16, 2011 at 7:16 am

    I have not checked in here for a few weeks because I felt like it had gotten a little bland, but the last few posts are top notch so I suppose I’ll factor you back in to my everyday bloglist.

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