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Reflection On Smalltalk-80

Smalltalk – 80 is the object orientated and reflective web programming language which plays an important role in development. Smalltalk-80 is well known due to its reflective system. It provides both structural and computational reflection for the programming. Smalltalk-80 due to some good features it is very much famous among programmers of web development as well as in web design firms. The classes and methods which is called Smalltalk – 80 objects define the system are themselves objects and wholly piece of the system that they help define. Its compiler compiles textual source code into method objects, naturally instances of compiled method. Smalltalk-80 also provides computational reflection, which has the ability to scrutinize the computational affirm of the system. Derivative inside the language which is derived from Smalltalk-80 the recent activation of a method is available as an object named through a pseudo-variable thisContext.

By distribution of messages to thisContext method activation can inquire questions like “who sent this message to me”, those type of facilities make it likely to implement co-routines without any modification in virtual machine. Another excellent feature is; use of doesNotUnderstand: which is also known as intervention. Programmers are able to create a class that does not describe any methods other than doesNotUnderstand:  and does not inherit by any other classes.


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