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Effect of Faces Included In the Web Design

Most of the time, web designers include different faces in website. Now when the face is seen by the visitor it directly affects the subconscious mind and consequently influences the conversion of the visitor into a buyer. The thoughts generated on looking at any face depend upon the perception. Different faces generate different attitude or behavioral response of the viewer.

The first thing to be considered is the harmony. The image included should be in tandem with the rest of the content of the website. If the image or the photo included is not in any way related to the content or the theme of the website it is on no use and these kinds of images are a waste of resources.

The perception of any image depends on three principles which are as follows.

1. Attractiveness:

Attractive faces happen to be quite different from the common faces. It is a basic human tendency to be influenced more by the attractive faces rather than the common faces. The attractive faces have a unique effect on the viewer just because they are very famous and people like to be influenced by faces that are popular. It is because of this that usually the designers tend to include the images of great personalities in their web design. The faces of Hollywood actors and actresses are some of the best examples of attractive faces. Some of the prominent reasons for the positive effect of faces are the difference in gender, personality traits, and at times even the standard of living. It has also been observed that people tend to remember the website with attractive faces more than the websites with common faces.

2. Effect of Baby Face Features:

Some of prominent features of the face of babies are overall round face, small nose, short chin, large eyes, and a big forehead. The color of the hair and skin is lighter than that of the adults.  Whenever people come across these features or the image of a small child it gives an impression of innocence, honesty, and helplessness. These baby face features are hardly seen in most of the adults, but if seen then the effect is different from normal.  People with baby face features are thought of having less authority and expertise. How much baby face features should the image have is based upon the product or the services to be promoted and sold through the website.

3. Face-ism ratio:

There is a lot of difference between the photo in which only the close view of the face is exhibited and the photo in which besides the face the other parts of the body like the trunk and the arms are exhibited. Face-ism ratio is a quantifiable term in which the distance between the top of the head and the chin bottom is divided by the distance between top of the head and the body’s lowest part exhibited in the photo. This means that the face-ism ratio of the photo with only the face is 1 while the value of face-ism ration for the photo without the face is 0. When the face-ism ratio is tending towards 1, it exhibits features like personality and intellectual mind. A lower ratio exhibits sensuality and physique.


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