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Importance of Design for SEO

Most of the designers think of only the key words and the links to play a pivotal role in search engine optimization (SEO). If you were to inform these designers that the design also plays a key role in SEO most of the designer would first consider you a fool, some would think of giving a thought to it while there would be still others who would be logical thinkers and ask you a proof of what you said. The explanation that follows is for those people who are flexible, ready to learn and understand how design plays a key role in SEO.

• Quality of the Website:

The quality of the website is mainly dependent on the content. If the content is excellent, appealing and convincing then it is of superior quality but if it does not serve any of those purposes then the quality is to be considered inferior. If you want the content to positively influences the SEO then you need to take care that the coding is minimized, the content is highlighted, the text content is placed at the top before the source code commences, and appropriate use of CMS and HTML tags.

• Revisits and Linking:

If the design and the content are excellent the visitors will be attracted to revisit the website. On the other hand this is going to positively affect the linking. Other websites would like to have out going links towards you. If the website design is bad then neither the visitors nor the other businesses would like to get associated with your website. It is now known to everyone that more the number of visitor and links, higher is the ranking of the website on the search engine list.

• Branding:

Branding is only possible when people tend to remember the website for a long time. This is only possible when the website has got a unique design. A unique design makes the visitors visit the website repeatedly and this positively affects the SEO ranking.

• Use of the website:

The search engines especially Google not only consider the number of click on the website but also the way the visitor uses the website. There are times when the visitor logs in and logs out of the website without visiting the other web pages or without purchasing the services or products offered. This sort of action is considered negative by the search engines. On the contrary the action of visiting all the pages and buying the services or products offered is considered positive by the search engines. The latter case is possible when the design is excellent and appealing.

The above mentioned explanation proves that the design is crucial in SEO.


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