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XSLT-Another Application Development Booster

XSLT or Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations is a declarative and XML based language which is used for transformation of XML web document. In the conversion original document is not changed only new document is produced by the help of exiting content of original document and the output may be standard XML syntax or in another format by processor, such as HTML or plain text. XSLT processor implementations plunge into two main categories: client and server-side. It is one of the best application development boosters which are used by many web design and development firms.  Many applications use XSLT to convert XML document to HTML or XHTML documents for show as a web page. It is also used to create output for printing or video exhibit, naturally by transforming the unique XML into XSL Formatting Objects for crating formatting output which can then be rehabilitated to a diversity of formats, including PDF, PostScript  and PNG.


4 responses to “XSLT-Another Application Development Booster

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