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Optimization of the “About” Page

Among all the web pages accessed in the websites over the internet, the “About” page is not only one of the highest ranking pages but also one of the most ignored. This seems to be unbelievable because if the “About” page is among the highest ranking pages then it should not be ignored.

We cannot generalize that all the “About” pages are not properly designed. There are some websites that have designed the “About” page so carefully that it (“About” page) has been made the home page or the landing page. In some other cases it has been seen that the main reason for ignoring the “About” page has been the content that is just presented for the sake of formality without any purpose.

• Images:

Inclusion of the images especially the photo of the contact person or the owner of the business can make a big impact on the website visitor. Usually the websites are seen only as a source of information from the internet media. The website can never speak interactively like human beings. When the face of a person or a relevant image surfaces on the screen, the visitors feel that the website is about to go lively.

The designer should remember that first impression is the last impression. The website gets only a single chance to create impression for the visitor.

• Organization of the “About” page:

The information exhibited on the “About” page should be properly organized. The about page is about the main identity of the business. It could be about the company and/or the key management persons. The identity is supposed to know everything about the content required for the “About” page. This is why most of the identities take the content of the “About” page very lightly. There is no seriousness on the part of the identity and consequently the “About” page does not become as lively as it should become. The designers and all those who are involved in the designing of the “About” page with professional website design guidelines should remember that the visitors hardly know anything about the company and the “About” page can play a crucial role to make the visitor read the other web pages in the website.

• Front, middle and centre:

Most of the web designers divide the “About” page into two equal parts or three equal parts horizontally or vertically. Division of the “About” page depends on the designer.   There are cases wherein one third of the page is devoted for the photo of the main identity concerned with the website, whereas the rest of the page (two thirds page) is the text content about the identity or the business.

• To the Point:

The “About” page in most of the personal website address the visitor to the point without beating about the bush.

• Inclusion and exclusion:

The “About” page should include the elements that are most necessary. The information that is not required should be excluded.  Inclusion of only the necessary elements and information is considered minimalist approach.


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