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Rising As a Web Designer

The career development of a web designer can be divided into three phases. The first is the learning phase while the second phase is the growth phase. This article will be highlighting the aspects of the second phase of a web designer which mainly concerns the growth.

Some candidates that have received formal training as web designer can kick start their career directly in the growth phase without being an assistant or apprentice to some other expert web designer. These candidates may be excellent at whatever that is taught during the training but may be weak at practical application of what is taught at theory.

Usually most of the candidates in the growth phase are promoted from the learning phase either at some training institute or after being an apprentice or under trainee at some experienced designer.

Most of the candidates that want to make a career in web designing sooner or later realize that the practical web designing world is much more than what has been taught and practiced at the training institute. This is the stage when the candidate practices web designing and realizes that it is more than just decorating the websites.

This is the stage wherein the angle of view starts changing. Earlier the designer used to find everything that he/she designed to be beautiful and appealing. Now the things started changing a bit because the designer has started finding what differentiates between a good web design and the bad web design.

Earlier in the learning stage the designer usually wants the design to look beautiful for him/her now in the growth phase the designer wants the design to look beautiful to others too. The concern of the designer changes and is now from the other side of the table.

The designer goes deeper in to the niceties of principles of design and the theories associated with it. Earlier it was just creativity but during the growth phase it is more than creativity that the designer deals with. The designer starts learning how to code better and effectively so that an appealing web design is created.

The designer starts understanding the web design principles better than earlier. Earlier in the learning phase the meeting with the clients hardly meant anything for the web designer. Now, in the growth phase the web designer learns to show the clients how important are the inputs from the client’s side. This implies that the mind of the designer starts opening to the suggestions from the clients.

The growth phase is the phase that precedes the matured professional phase so the making of a professional web designer starts in the growth phase. The designer starts learning the professional approach to web design service providing.


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