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Security Actions for WordPress

In web designing the software ‘WordPress’ is well known and most trusted content management system which is used for proper website design and development. It’s popularity worldwide with customer base exceeding 60 million people. More than 50% of the blogs on internet are hosted by WordPress. Top companies like CNN, NBC, TechCrunch, etc use this content management system for better results and outcome. If figures are to be believed, it has more than 2.3 billion pages that are read by millions of people globally on daily basis, with 500 new posts posted everyday with 400+ comments posted everyday.

So the figures clearly show the level of its popularity worldwide and its wide usage. Its use is been increasing constantly and there is no slag for it. IT experts predict more increase in its application in the near future. But here we need to know the techniques of protecting one’s blog from hackers and robots as it is a very popular and commonly used CMS. So let us share some tips and techniques to protect your WordPress blog from hackers and robots. Choose the most acceptable and suitable technique.

– Keep your blog always updated with fresh content. You can take help from web developers in order to resolve any security issues, and when they come up with any update its better to keep your blog updated. This software prepares a back-up for your data so it’s safe. It would keep your blog function smoothly and be compatible with different plugins. The update work can be done from dashboard or can be done manually also.

– Password selection should be done very cautiously. Select a very strong and difficult password that cannot be guessed by the hackers, if your password is hacked someone else would also have access to your blog.

– Keep track of the file permission that you get at the end of every article and know how to use them. Set proper file permission with FTP clients.

– Use the .htaccess file for blocking various IPs that you wish to it. You can find it in your hosting folder by default.

– For WordPress, SSL encryption is free, you have to just add define (‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true); to wp-config.php. It would safeguard your data against any router having access to it and intercepting or decrypting it.

– Prepare a back-up of your data weekly to protect it. There might be any event in future on which you don’t have any control, so it’s best to be alert and safe. Never use ‘admin’ as the login name, it can be hacked very easily.

These were some very basic security tips for WordPress software which you should follow.


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