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A collection of smart Website Design Tips

The smart tips that have been presented in this article are all about basic website which the majority of web designers would also agree with. Ideally a website should have light background with a dark font for example white background with black text which is suitable to all.

Because this is far easier for the human eye to read and understand because the first thing that you must be looking for is getting a visitor to your site and for them to just click off because the content was hard to read. For any website content is extremely important aspects and for that content writer has to take care of many aspects like on every page one should have at least 150 words of good written content which should have most important keywords which presents your area of business. Almost all search engines loves content and the more up to date and relevant is your content the content is the better.

For the website logo a good and standard practice is that a logo should be positioned on the top areas and on the left corner of the website because this is the first thing that the human eye will see. With the proper logo position company’s business or website name, e-mail address and phone number should be properly placed. If the website happen to be large in size the with many pages and hundreds of the products then you need to make sure that you should have a site Search option for your website on the header because ideally this will be placed near the top of the page where users will be able to see it and use it easily.

Take a deep look on the website titles, header and other important tags because you need to make sure your that all the title Tags are having unique description for each page and that they contain main important keywords for that particular page. You should not think that just ‘Home’ page should have Title Tag; rather you need to make sure that all the pages have title description with proper keywords in it. Good website content should be reflected in Meta description and for that you need to make sure that your Meta Description interesting as well as descriptive enough to get describer the website theme, Use should go with the keywords and content that interesting for the website visitors and gives more of a sales pitch too. You should work with around 25-30 words to play with. These things are taken seriously for better the output by each and individual web design company.

A website with large images are definitely takes more time to download, hence you need to keep images as small as possible in size because definitely looks great but they are large in size and it will take longer to load and the visitor to your site will just get fed up with waiting and click on to the next site and that happened to be your competitor’s website.


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