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Web Application Development-Questions Can Lead and Mislead

When an application developer develops an application he/she need to consider the purpose of the application and how is it going to facilitate the user. For this the application developer needs to ask a number of questions to the prospective users of the application as well as to self (if he/she knows something about the industry that the application is going to cater to).

If the developer does not know anything or all about the industry or business how can he/she know about the features to be included in the application without asking questions? This question shows the importance of questions. This does not mean that answers to all the questions have to be considered. Some questions are relevant while there are questions that are completely irrelevant or of hardly any relevance.

Some of the questions that can mislead the application developer are as follows.

• What feedback will this change or approach evoke if included in the application?

• Is there any way that the user can manage the content of the application all by self?

• Is the application going to be universally accepted?

• Will this application comply with the modus operandi of all its users?

Some of the questions that can lead the application towards perfection of the application are as follows.

• Do you thoroughly know the hosting environment?

When it is about enormous web application development the developer needs to be sure about the hosting environment and its compatibility. It is possible that after developing the application you make a replica of the application and when the application is hosted you find that it does not work just because of compatibility issue.

• Is there any need of authentication system and how is that need going to be fulfilled?

There are many companies that have a hierarchy of employees and they want that all the employees should not be able to access the application. They may also want that the users be give specific username and password so only some specific employees can have accesses to the application and the data in it.

• What is the provision for back up of data?

There are many web applications that have confidential data of the business as well as its clients. Accidents do not warn when they are going to take place. If some accident takes place, the whole data for the user can get lost and this may be detrimental for the business. Now the developer needs to provide the facility relating to data back up too.

• What are the provisions for data migration?

It is possible that earlier the user may be using some other application and now he/she wants to use the new web application developed by you. Now you have to convince the user and show that the legacy data within the current application is going to be transferred or migrated to the new application without any loss of data.


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