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Web Designing-Getting Inspired From The Bishop Of Chess

The game of chess can be used to inspire constructive and creative thoughts in the mind of the web designer. The aim in the game of chess is to capture and checkmate the king of the opposite side. When it is about web designing the web designer needs to play mind games with the visitor and present the products or services in such a way that the visitor gets convinced into buying the offering.

In the game of chess the Bishop has got its own importance. The movement of the Bishop is regulated by some stipulations. Some of these along with its features are as follows.

• There are two bishops on each side.

• The initial placement of the Bishop is very strategic.

• One is placed beside the Queen and the other is placed beside the King. This leads to one Bishop being placed in Black Square and the other being placed in White Square.

• The Bishop that is placed initially in the white square can only move diagonally in the white square. On the other hand the Bishop that is placed initially in the black square can only move diagonally in the black square.

• The Bishop can only move diagonally forward or backward as many steps as it wants subject to the hindrances in its track.

• If there is a piece of the opposite side in the diagonal track of the Bishop, the Bishop can replace it.
Some of the inspirations that the web designer can get from the Bishop of the chess are as follows.

• The Bishop can move diagonally in either the black squares or white square. Now one way this is the biggest limitation on the movement of the Bishop. Despite this great limitation it can be used very effectively and efficiently to destroy the defense of the opposite side and at times even checkmate the king o the opposite side. This inspires the web designer to flourish despite various limitations. The web designer may be a part of a team or an employee of any web design company. The limitations are dictated by the other team members or the senior management where the web designer is employed. The other limitation brought into play is when the client dictates about what needs to include and what needs to be excluded from the website. There are various factors that limit the thinking process or the presentation of the finished website. Despite limitations the creativity of the web designer has to flourish.

• Just as the limitations of the movement of the Bishop, some of the elements of the website like the color scheme and logo need to be kept constant. The Bishop cannot jump from white square to black square and vice versa.

• The diagonal movement of the Bishop inspires the web designer from thinking something different. Most of the people think straight just like the straight movement of the Rook.

Bishop is a word that is related to the clergy and priests. It sounds spirituality and holiness. The Bishop can inspire some web designers to be socially responsible and ethical especially at not mentioning something on the website that is totally wrong or fraudulent.


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