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Primary Deliberation for Mobile Web Design

When you have completed the need assessment exercise and know what is usually expected by the visitor from your mobile web design, you need to consider some of the most important factors that directly influence the effectiveness and efficiency of the mobile website.

Some of the most important considerations for mobile web design are as follows.

Size of the screen:

The size of the screen is not standard for all the mobile phones. On the contrary it varies from brand to brand and model to model. In comparison to the desk top personal computers and laptops the screen size of the mobile devices is much smaller. The web designers would always like to work smart and design such a website that performs equally on all the screen sizes. With this in mind many of the mobile web designers try to optimize the application to minimum screen resolution, but nowadays, the minimum screen resolution is also not constant, so it makes things a bit difficult for the mobile web designer. To make things more difficult there are smart phones in which the orientation can be changed. It is always better to design a flexible layout and default design that can get adapted to different screen and resolutions.


The navigation in the mobile web design is never as easy as it is on the screen of the desktop personal computer or lap top. Instead of the mouse and keypad used commonly, the touch and small keypads are used for navigation. If you want to simplify the navigation and make it simple for the users then you need to maintain a list of links to the main content or features, and minimize the number of levels or categories of navigation. The minimum size of the tap used for touch navigation should be 30 pixels. The links should be clear and obvious.

Filter and prioritize the content:

The content should be to the point. The content that is not needed should be deleted and only that is of the users interest should be kept. After thorough editing and keeping only the content needed the content should be prioritized according to the user’s interest.

Careful with the user input:

When the screen is small and the keypads are also not big enough, it can lead to a lot of errors. Keypads on the phones are usually numeric making it difficult for the entry of alphabetic data. So the URL should have the least possible number of letters. The input on the part of the user should be restricted to only some specific fields and not everywhere.


Never expect the connectivity in your smart phone to be as efficient as that of the broad band in your desk top computer. This is the reason why the size of the mobile web pages should be kept as small as possible. Get rid of things that can prolong the duration of downloading the website on the mobile device.

Once the mobile website is ready and uploaded for public visits, do not stop. Get feedback about the website and make changes where required.

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