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Ways to Accomplish Responsive Web Design

There is now a lot of matter to be read, applied and practiced on the internet, especially about responsive web design. One has to adopt some or the other way to create a responsive web design.

The web designer can change the layout as well as the design of the web page with the help of CSS. There are different ways to optimize the utility of CSS for creating a responsive web design.

Some of the prominent ways to achieve this objective are as follows.

Design different types of images:

Earlier it was only the desktop PC that was used by the visitor to see the website, but now people are using different brands of mobiles and lab tops to visit the website. The web site needs to be designed in such a way that the website gets adjusted to the device used for accessing the internet.  To serve this purpose the graphics have to created and present in different forms or versions. This allows the design to not only adjust to the screen of the device but also download it on the screen quickly.

Every image can be compressed to a variable extent. This allows the web page to easily adjust to the resolution of the device. The images can be cropped and sized according to the wish of the designer.

Using HTML for Assigning Images:

If an image tag is used the images can be easily included in the web page. If you want to change the image size one has to resort to the media queries, but the designer fails to alter the original graphic file that is being used. One needs to explore other ways of assigning the images.

The designer can use tags like div tag that allow the HTML element   to be used as a container. Now with the help of CSS the image can be included in the background of the web page.  This allows the designer to change the graphic file that is being used for reference. The position and dimension qualities of the container can also be changed.

Altering the position of the global navigation:

Usually in the mobile devices, the options for the navigation appear after scrolling the content upwards. Most of the visitors of the website are a bit uncomfortable with this and want the navigation options to be presented after the main content.

This objective can be achieved through two ways. First is for large screens through setting of the positioning properties to absolute. Second is for small screen by getting rid of the position properties.

Besides the positioning of the navigation option the style can also be changed. For small screens the restyling of the tags used as standard anchor can also work effectively.

Use of large screen CSS:

To resolve the backward compatibility issue especially in the old browsers, it is better to use the large screen CSS as default.

Last but not the least the designer needs to improve upon his/her skills and updated with the latest technology for designing a responsive website.


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