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How to become SEO Superman

SEO SupermanGuys now it’s time to Fly high Don’t be villain with your website, now time to become SEO Superman by waking up your inner super strength. First search engine optimization hit by Google Panda and SOPA/PIPA.  Majority people doing spamming activity (Unethical/bad activity) like bad character of Hollywood movie but very few are showing daring of pure ethical activity like real Hero.

What if Google Panda become more strict and SOPA/PIPA get applicable in a month or two? Very straight and fact answer that very few able to sustain their SERP with their SEO efforts because only that few knowing and trying ethical ways. Yes it’s never easy to become Superman in any field but it doesn’t mean that one will give up and chose wrong path which will be harmful in long run. Here may ready have a question that how to become SEO Superman here below we’ve described few points which are very common yet now and important who unaware about it.

As Google is major player search engine marketing and first choice of advertisers for internet marketing all have to follow its quality guideline to become its favorite. Now a day’s very few repeating this sentence i.e. Google saying from that “Optimize your website for Users not for Search Engine” if you’ll follow this and your website automatically get good visibility in search engines.

Another important factor is usability and designing, your website design should be SEO friendly and user friendly if not than very less chance that Google will give you chance to get good ranking because web design important from two prospective 1) Helps to attract visitors 2) Optimized design helps in better ranking.

Last but not least Father of SEO – CONTENT: Since the birth of SEO Content is always a point of debate and it will remain forever, as human being didn’t like stale things same way search engines also didn’t like stale content so if we’ll respect our Father (content) than our God (Search engine) will always bless us with good things (Good things = Good rankings).

So these are simple yet thorny way to reach the position of SEO Superman.

Image Source: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/


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