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Checklist For Your Website Before Alive

Now you are ready to alive your website on the web to boost your business and make some income, but wait for moment and check prelaunch checklist below to ensure that your website now perfectly ready:

Your Website Content: Content plays a vital role in website and it is one of the great way to attract visitors and search engine, but remember that all your content should carry freshness and quality material, So, check your website again and again to avoid duplicate content issues.

Terms And Condition Of Company: It is very important for e-commerce website, suppose you have a website which either provides services or product by getting money from users then you will have to put your term and condition of your company and it should be properly visible to your users.

Your Company’s Details And Contact: It is very important for any web design and web development company put their details and contact information correctly. Always check your spelling in e-mail address, atleast your e-mail and phone number should be correct.

Developers Work: If you have hired professional web developers then I think they have checked following things:

•Site Function
•W3C Validation

Privacy Policies: When writing about your company’s policies make it simple and honest, stating clearly why you are collecting data and how will you use it?


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