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Web Design-Role of Mascots

The web designers have been trying since many years all the methods and ways to glue the visitor to the website. The web designers have also acknowledged the need of the website being remembered for a long time by the visitor. This is very necessary because the visitor is usually observed to buy the offerings of the website not in the first visit but in the subsequent visits.

The latest approach of the web designers is towards making the website strike an emotional relationship with the visitor with some Professional Web Design structure rather than the professional relationship which has been predominant from a pretty long time. When the website strikes an emotional relationship with the visitor the visitor is supposed to have a positive feeling towards it.

It has also been observed that the website visitors usually run short of time. So the website designer needs to include visuals that are attractive and are remembered for a long time by the visitor. The mascots are one of the best forms of visuals that can serve this purpose.

What are Mascots?

A creature image that is nicely designed to symbolize something is called a mascot. When someone only looks at the mascot he/she should feel some emotional attraction towards it. The mascot also enhances the feeling of team work and strengthens the relationship among the team members.

Use of Mascots:

The mascots have been mainly used for ages in the different sports teams. Slowly and steadily they started being used by other groups of people and even the business houses. Nowadays they are being used in the web designs too.

What do the mascots resemble?

The mascots usually resemble partly a human identity and partly any animal. This results in abstract creature that are partly human and partly animal. They are used because they are easily recognized by the visitor.

Features of the mascot and message conveyed by it:

The mascots are usually humorous and give a positive feeling to the visitor. The mascots are usually portrayed as laughing so that the visitor feels happy on seeing it. The mascots are designed to look cute and as silly as possible. It is not necessary to give any name to the mascot but if any name is give to it then it becomes easy to refer or address it. The mascot can be even hand drawn and used in combination with the logo. This sort of combination is incorporated into the website to be visible on every web page.

Be careful:

The designer needs to be careful at distinguishing the mascots from illustrations because all illustrations cannot be called mascots. Illustrations can vary from web page to web page in any website but the mascot has to remain the same on every constituent web page of any website.


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