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Now it’s Time to Move @ Pinterest

Yes it’s true that now time to Move @ Pinterest. Many well know online community now a day’s discussing about Pinterest as it became very good internet marketing tool in short time even according to siliconfilter.com study Pinterest Now Driving More Referral Traffic Than Twitter, this website clearly mention in their visit table that they are getting more referencing visits, yes this may quite shocking for twitter lovers but it seems bit true, this published on Danny Sullivan fame Search Engine Land. Confirmed that Pinterest is became one of the fastest growing startups ever.

Many companies are started using this tool for marketing; we can say it’s purely social media platform the reason it’s giving extremely interactive and communicative features through the website. All credit goes to their interactive idea, innovative thinking of “P team. This website having everything which one good internet marketing place will require, including reputation, well managed content in terms of text, images, videos, approach, exterior to attract the visitor, fascinating feel for users, reason of re-visits and plenty of such reason to use it again and again.

“Five million Users and Hurriedly Growing more. Around 1.5 million their unique users visit Pinterest on a daily basis, spending around 15 minutes average in a day”

Above sentence is enough for one to promote their products/services/images/artwork/creativity in form of images. Such medium has been always useful in viral marketing for professional web design company, graphic design firms, web designers, logo makers and many others. Pinterest also understands the importance of marketing and providing such E-Marketing features like one can make creative display of their work or interest, can share/exchange comments on each other’s, facility of admiring via re-pin and likes, and most important thing is one can link on their website or blog using its own readymade button, one has to only copy and paste one embed code on blogs/websites.

Always be first, be ready to take advantage of such extremely useful Marketing Place.


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