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Necessary Actions to acquire Account as a iPhone Developer

Apple Inc. – A founder of smart devices such as iphone, ipad, ipod touch and MAC is becoming very popular after the release of iPhone as a smart phone. There is really very great craze of iPhone among the smart phone users; this is because of its dynamic and amazing applications which can help them in their day-to-day life and also in their personal as well as official purpose. IPhone can do lots of things with these apps, for instance they can use it for communication, entertainment & music, browsing web, playing game, video shooting and many more. With the help of these apps, users can make the maximum utilization of their iphone device as iphone apps add extra features to it.

Because of these reason, the number of iphone users all over the world are increasing on a large scale and the sales of iphone device is also enhancing in comparison to other smart phones. This makes the iphone app developer to develop some more challenging and complex applications by making the use of the latest and modern innovations and proceeds according to the upcoming technology.

For submitting your developed applications to the Apple’s App Store, it becomes necessary to get register with the App Store as an app developer. The registration process to become a member of App Store is very easy and it just takes some few steps. Mostly it takes a period of two weeks to two months for completing the registration process but it is beneficial to the residents of US if they have all the necessary documents which are required by Apple and in such cases the completion process hardly takes two to three weeks.

The process of acquiring account for iphone developer involves following actions:-

• For proceeding towards the submission process of apps in App Store, first of all you need to apply in the program of iPhone Developer.
• Once when your application is reviewed by Apple, you need to submit all the necessary business documents to Apple and you need to fax these documents.
• Apple will send you an e-mail of iPhone Developer Program License Agreement and that has to be approved by you.
• To become a member of App Store, you need to pay some fees to Apple which is considered as membership fees.
• After receiving the payment, Apple will send you an account activation code.
• You can log in to App Store or iTunes with the help of this code and then you need to fill up the relevant contracts of free apps or paid apps.
• Then after, you need to send a mail of these contracts along with license agreement and other business documents to Apple.

Apple evaluates all the contracts and documents in detail that are submitted by you and if it finds suitable it will fully activates your account. The above mentioned actions are necessary and important also to acquire an account of iphone developers and if required Apple can change these actions in upcoming days.


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