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Glimpse of LightBox Add-ons of Magento

Magento provides numerous benefits to the website developer and online store owners. Plugins, Add-ons, and Extensions had given more flexibility to online buyers. LightBox is one of the useful add-ons that help in displaying products on online store. Various LightBox is explained below: –

1. IG LightBox: – IG LightBox can be installed using Magento Connect and is ready to use after installation. For IG LightBox update is safe and no files are updated or modified and even easy to enable or disable with a single click. The main features of IG LightBox are Full Magento Backend Integration, Configurable effect duration, Thumbnail and Base Image supported and full styles configuration.

2. JQuery LightBox: – It’s a collection/implementation of Magento Gallery and includes Fancy Box, PiroBox and LightBox Clone. Here are some features of jQuery LightBox:-

  • You can remove default zoom bar
  • Can give custom size for main image
  • Can give custom size for thumbnail image
  • Can include jquery file with no conflicts
  • Can switch to different type of lightbox
  • Flexible customizable for Fancy Box, PiroBox and LightBox Clone

Here are general & JS file setting for jquery LightBox.

General Setting

  • Enabled = Yes/No
  • Lightbox Type = FancyBox
  • Disable Zoom Bar = Yes/No
  • Main Image Size = Size or Default Size

JS File Setting

  • Include Jquery File = Yes/No
  • Include jquery File in = Destination (Head)
  • Include LightBox globally = Yes/No

3. Magento Easy and Resizable LightBox: – Magento Easy LightBox helps installing LightBox Widget and will be configured within 5 minutes. Using Resizable LightBox you can resize you image according to your need. It helps in better viewing of image.

4. Zippy LightBox: – Zippy LightBox extension installs lightbox effect on product page and even this lightbox doesn’t require technical knowledge. You can configure through configuration page.

If you want to install LightBox you need not have to hire Magento Web Development Company or professional Magento Developers, you can install by your own as it is easy to install and use.


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