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SugarCRM Integration with Magento

Magento is one of the Open Source platforms for ecommerce website development, so if you have more than 1 store then you need not to worry about connecting those stores and synchronizing the stores. You can synchronize using CRM systems that not only help in sales and support, but it also helps in increasing online presence and conversions.

You can use SugarCRM to connect your entire Magento site and synchronize all the site users, purchases with customers and many other things that can be synchronized. SugarCRM take care of all the requirements and can easily be adapted with flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Here are some features of SugarCRM: –

Multiple fields can be mapped with few easy steps and allows you to map any magento to SugarCRM fields. To process ecommerce data PHP code processor allows you to combine fields before the field is inserted into SugarCRM.

If you have huge customer base you can easily export all the customers and even Cases & Opportunities to SugarCRM.

You can even track items that are being added to the cart irrespective of user has logged in or not and if after registration or login the cart should be as it is. The major advantage of SugarCRM is that you can check cart status, seeing the cart status you can come to know that when the cart had left using tool of SugarCRM. You can even synchronize you websites when it is live; no loss is to be bared due to website synchronization.

SugarCRM is time saving and effective solution that helps your sales team to reduce time in entering from ecommerce software to CRM System, so that focus can be on customer and increasing sales that increases overall revenue.

When you want to integrate Magento Development site with SugarCRM you can have more than 40 tools for to integrate Magento website with SugarCRM. This software is being user-friendly and easy to use and requires less technical knowledge.

Magento SugarCRM supports many versions of Magento 1.4xx, 1.5xx, 1.6xx. To integrate CRM system you should hire professional magento website development and Integration Company.


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