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Angry Birds – A success story in Mobile Gaming industry

An angry bird is believed to be a strategy puzzle video game developed by a Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile. The first version of angry bird was released as on December 2009 for Apple’s iOS. It is the success story of angry birds within Apple store has induced the company to design it for various similar touch screen Smartphone’s such as Android and so on. The end user seems to be attached to game due to its funny style and low price. May be this popularity of angry birds have led to its creation for personal computers and gaming console. It is believed nearly 1 million downloads has been performed across various platforms till day. All this has led it to be a success story and one of the largest mobile apps successes the world has seen before.

The making of angry birds was really an amazing story; let me brief it for you. It is originally a proposal of senior game designer Jaakko Lisalo who has put ahead an idea of an angry birds without legs or even wings, as the concept of angry birds was developed there required some character in the game to make it look interesting so is the pigs characters developed who seems to be acting as an enemy of those birds. Even during those days swine flu was in news, may be some of reason an angry birds got viral. Apart from those stuffs it is early in the year 2010; Ravio was busy in developing a version of angry birds for face book. Though it was not that easy for Ravio to transform entire angry birds into social platforms but they managed and released their beta testing platform as on April 2011. One can now play those games from Face book itself

Well, being available from biggest social networking websites such as face book or going viral was not enough, in fact in February 2010 Angry birds was a nominee for the “Best Casual Game” award at the 6th International Mobile Gaming Awards in Barcelona Spain. If you are interested to play an angry bird you can download a free demo from here download.angrybirds.com and if you like you can buy it by paying few bucks and make most of them.

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