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Android OS-Preferred Choice Of Current Mobile Making Companies

Android is the current most appealing mobile operating system which is designed and developed by Google, the biggest search engine company in the world.  Here the surprising thing is that like PHP and WordPress Google has made it an open source platform. This implies that anyone can get it free of charge and use it. You cannot believe that what is the demand of Android in the mobile market. Take a sneak on following statement.

“More than 700,000 smart phones and tablets are energized by Google on daily basis.”

Toady android is housed in more and more smart phones and tablets by the mobile manufacturers and.

According to survey, only in US and in just one week after the launching of Galaxy Nexus, millions of units have been sold. From this we can estimate the power of android. When it comes to android applications then around 400K android applications are available on the Android Market place from which some are free while others paid.

Looking this android’ long jump in mobile devices I would like to say that third party android app development will definitely get boost. So many well reputational gained mobile manufacturing companies have started to prefer Android OS as the base operating platform for their mobile devices.

So get the best benefit of time by having your own android application. If you have great idea for android application then you must have to go for developing it. If your application gets to be developed then Google offer you the chance to earn money by providing you Android Market place.


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