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Web Design-Avoid Some Serious Errors And Be Safe

If your business is online then there is no place of errors in website which creates bad impression on web and gets down your business reputation. The most profitable website is created as per the user’s requirements and goal of the business with current market trend and latest technology as well as free of errors which increases the chances of conversion rate and sell. As we are discussing about the errors here then following things should be considered while creating a website or web page.

Video And Audio: Try to avoid all these things as much as possible and use these things where it’s requirement is most wanted, because when a user will come to your web page for first time and see video or loud music he/she will defiantly leave your website within fraction of time.

Website’s Navigation: If you are thinking about to make a creative navigational structure then keep in mind that it should be user friendly and no flash and images.

Use Of Flash: You will have to think about this aspect very seriously because all users want to get their requirements quickly and they don’t give any importance to flash made design website, big image content website etc. In addition, flash affects poorly to the page loading time as well as uses more bandwidth. So it is very important to use flash in perfect manner with proper optimization.

New Trend Of Technology: New, fast and accurate technology for web design is very important. Technologies are changing day by day, so you will have to choose those technology which should be according to current market demand as well as you are able keep long term relationship with it.


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