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Software development – An Approach To Develop Desire Solution

The software development firms can create any software solutions either it can be open source software or for personal use.

Software development is a dilation of programming. In programming, programmers develop and write program, check and maintain all the coding of the programs. While Software development is ascendant than programming and it contains analysis, research, design and development, alteration for re-use and many other process, which makes desired software solution.

The software development firm goes with any engineering based approach or an incremental approach according the requirements of the project. However, most of software development firms follow given stages to complete its project according to client’s requirements.

• Understanding and analyzing the requirements
• Maintain paper sheet of strategy for software solution.
• Programming and Coding information
• Testing and output analysis
• Maintenance and quality check

These stages are combined together and create software development life cycle (SDLC) and most software development firms refer this process and develop software according to specific needs of clients and delivers it in given time period.

In simple we can say that many methods and stages are combined together to develop outstanding software for any organization and that software can help to make easy working process.


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