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Some rules of custom web design

In today’s world, there is hardly any business which is not connected with the world of internet. With the raising trend of internet every entrepreneur must have to adopt the online world to grow their business. Website is the only tool which enables visibility of business in online world. For boosting the business in online world you must have a website which is strong enough to catch the user’s vision and along with this it can be able to produce your business in virtual way. Custom web design is a perfect way to create such website.

Custom web design is the thing from which we can create an interactive website but as we all know that Website designing is not an overnight process as it requires lots of research and hard work. Below are dos and don’ts of custom web design.


  • Before creating the structure of website clear your mind with its main objectivity because you have to create a design as per your industry. This means that if you are doing a business.
  • Use only required graphics in custom web design. Choose color combination as per the industry standards because using industry related theme will make your website look more professional.
  • Create proper navigation in entire website because if the navigation is proper then users will easily surf through your website.
  • Make sure that your website is compatible with all the browsers because you don’t have any idea that which browser is used by your end users.
  • Make your custom website design secure from hackers. Especially if you are providing any ecommerce type of service over the website then it will be compulsory that your website is secured enough.


  • Don’t choose the design which is full of graphics as it makes a clutter website. Also, heavy graphics will slow down the loading time of website.
  • Don’t put irrelevant links and text in your website as it drives users to wrong direction hence you may lose website’s authenticity in the user’s mind.
  • Don’t use small font size as it may affect on visibility of website content. Standard font size is 12 so always choose proper font size.
  • Never put any advertises in your professional website as it impacts a bad impression of your business.

A professional custom web design will always head your business in the way of success. It is quite obvious that before designing such website you must have to show some industry research so you can be able to know the latest techniques and end user’s interest.


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