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Integration Of PSD And Joomla-Let’s Discuss

Joomla is one of the most popular php base open source application (CMS) which makes a perfect website with great features and functionalities. Joomla developers are developing their product time to time for better service and perfect result. Most of the great features of Joomla which I like are: more than one database support, smart search functionality, database version fix button, flexible news feed order and many more. You can get both free and commercial templates in joomla which provide you better professional feel and look as per your website’s goals. By following some simple steps you can easily download joomal templates which are in PSD static format.

PSD to Joomla conversion is the most preferable solution to convert static PSD format based template into a professional and easy to maintain website. It is a very simple process which starts from PSD to HTML conversion and PSD to CSS. After the conversion you will have to integrate the html and css file with the joomla templates. PSD to Joomla template Integration is the best way to modify functionality of all genres of websites from education websites to social media websites as per the needs. In this present senior you can find lots of web development companies which will provide you such types of service such as PSD to Joomla conversion or HTML to Joomla integration and many more. So choose one of them and start your work.


CMS Role In Better Website Development

CMS or Content Management System which allows owner of website to manage website’s content like; images, post, categories, documents etc. without any immeasurable knowledge in technical as well as web design. If you want to make your website dependable, flexible and user friendly, then Content Management System development can be a handy step for you. Whether you want to delete a section, add new content or modify any content etc. then Content Management System will help you to do this thing without wasting your valuable time. Content Management System allows web masters to take care of all the aspects pertaining to their website.

The best way to develop a content management system is to hire Web Development Company. When you are hiring a company for development of Content Management System, just let it know them some information about your requirements like; what kind of content you would like to place in your website, which type of access you want to afford for users etc. Properly designed Content Management System are user friendly, functional and stretchy, without being complex due to buttons and functions in glut quantity and work with database without any obstacles. Content Management System development is very important for highly featured website so you can drive more traffic for your website. For a better website development, you need a highly personalized Content Management System.

Pick A Good CMS For Small Business

CMSCMS or Content management system allows you to play with website I mean to say anybody can make website without having any deep programming or technical knowledge and it saves lots of time and money. If you have a small business and want to establish your business through online then making of website with CMS will be the best option. You can easily edit, upload and manage your website without any complex problem by picking good CMS. There are lots of CMS present in the market where some of are free and some need registration. Now many professional web design companies having their own CMS, but which company provides best one, selection is not an easy task.

Following are the list of CMS which helps you to pick best CMS for your business.

Joomla:  Today’s date Joomla is one of the most popular CMS among smaller businesses. It is a free and open source Content management system. It works in PHP frame and it supports lots of Add-Ons. Anybody can make website through Joomla.

Etomite: By this CMS you can manage all aspects of website and make user friendly as well as search engine friendly website. It supports AJAX.

Impress CMS: It is very popular one due to its user friendly nature. It allows less plug-ins. It has great usability, flexibility and it is secure.

WordPress: It is popular because it is free, having great features. Mostly it is used in blog creation but you can create your small business website.

image source: designgala.com

Making Of Joomla Website By Yourself

Joomla is one the popular open source Content Management System or CMS which is used to make website especially the PHP website. I don’t want to waste your time more by doing discussions on other web design factors here, so friends these are steps should be followed by the web designer while making Joomla based website:

Installation Of Joomla: You will not able to do anything without installing Joomla at the backend of your website. There are lots of ways by which you can get this free open source for design a website. Installing Joomla by using “Fantastico” on control panel which takes about 2-3 minutes is the simplest way. You can also do it manually from Joomla website.

Configuration Of Joomla: After Joomla installation at backend, now you have to login at its admin panel for configure the Joomla, the admin area may looks like this “domain name/ administrator”. After login chose the global configuration and follow the instructions.

Make Content For Joomal Website: After designing the Joomla website now you will have to decide about your pages, sections and categories. It will be appearing something like this “Section–>Category–>Page”.
Menu Creation: Joomla menu is divided into categories. Suppose you make a category of “website” then under it you can put “web design”, “website tips” as menu.

Modification And Customization Of Website: You can modify and customize your joomla website as much you can. Example you can implement new template or modify existing one, you can install new Joomla component etc.

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Security Actions for WordPress

In web designing the software ‘WordPress’ is well known and most trusted content management system which is used for proper website design and development. It’s popularity worldwide with customer base exceeding 60 million people. More than 50% of the blogs on internet are hosted by WordPress. Top companies like CNN, NBC, TechCrunch, etc use this content management system for better results and outcome. If figures are to be believed, it has more than 2.3 billion pages that are read by millions of people globally on daily basis, with 500 new posts posted everyday with 400+ comments posted everyday.

So the figures clearly show the level of its popularity worldwide and its wide usage. Its use is been increasing constantly and there is no slag for it. IT experts predict more increase in its application in the near future. But here we need to know the techniques of protecting one’s blog from hackers and robots as it is a very popular and commonly used CMS. So let us share some tips and techniques to protect your WordPress blog from hackers and robots. Choose the most acceptable and suitable technique.

– Keep your blog always updated with fresh content. You can take help from web developers in order to resolve any security issues, and when they come up with any update its better to keep your blog updated. This software prepares a back-up for your data so it’s safe. It would keep your blog function smoothly and be compatible with different plugins. The update work can be done from dashboard or can be done manually also.

– Password selection should be done very cautiously. Select a very strong and difficult password that cannot be guessed by the hackers, if your password is hacked someone else would also have access to your blog.

– Keep track of the file permission that you get at the end of every article and know how to use them. Set proper file permission with FTP clients.

– Use the .htaccess file for blocking various IPs that you wish to it. You can find it in your hosting folder by default.

– For WordPress, SSL encryption is free, you have to just add define (‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true); to wp-config.php. It would safeguard your data against any router having access to it and intercepting or decrypting it.

– Prepare a back-up of your data weekly to protect it. There might be any event in future on which you don’t have any control, so it’s best to be alert and safe. Never use ‘admin’ as the login name, it can be hacked very easily.

These were some very basic security tips for WordPress software which you should follow.