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Some rules of custom web design

In today’s world, there is hardly any business which is not connected with the world of internet. With the raising trend of internet every entrepreneur must have to adopt the online world to grow their business. Website is the only tool which enables visibility of business in online world. For boosting the business in online world you must have a website which is strong enough to catch the user’s vision and along with this it can be able to produce your business in virtual way. Custom web design is a perfect way to create such website.

Custom web design is the thing from which we can create an interactive website but as we all know that Website designing is not an overnight process as it requires lots of research and hard work. Below are dos and don’ts of custom web design.


  • Before creating the structure of website clear your mind with its main objectivity because you have to create a design as per your industry. This means that if you are doing a business.
  • Use only required graphics in custom web design. Choose color combination as per the industry standards because using industry related theme will make your website look more professional.
  • Create proper navigation in entire website because if the navigation is proper then users will easily surf through your website.
  • Make sure that your website is compatible with all the browsers because you don’t have any idea that which browser is used by your end users.
  • Make your custom website design secure from hackers. Especially if you are providing any ecommerce type of service over the website then it will be compulsory that your website is secured enough.


  • Don’t choose the design which is full of graphics as it makes a clutter website. Also, heavy graphics will slow down the loading time of website.
  • Don’t put irrelevant links and text in your website as it drives users to wrong direction hence you may lose website’s authenticity in the user’s mind.
  • Don’t use small font size as it may affect on visibility of website content. Standard font size is 12 so always choose proper font size.
  • Never put any advertises in your professional website as it impacts a bad impression of your business.

A professional custom web design will always head your business in the way of success. It is quite obvious that before designing such website you must have to show some industry research so you can be able to know the latest techniques and end user’s interest.


What is the role of custom web design in website traffic?

In the world of websites, you see many simple websites which wouldn’t get a second visit; then you have those websites which looks good but doesn’t rank in terms of traffic. Usually simple web designs often fail to attract users and also function wise it’s not good enough. In this web designs era if you have a simple and static website then you are out dated folk who doesn’t know anything about growing industry and trends. Your core goal regarding to website is that from it you earn some bucks and leave your product’s footprint in online medium. You can achieve your goal with users; but if website is not getting sufficient visitors then how can you achieve your goal? There is no meaning of having such website.  At this stage Custom Web Design introduces itself.

Custom web design is implemented by many businesses at the present time. Every company owner knows that he only increase company revenue when he generates more traffic from his website. The most general reason of many companies failure is that they can’t get success in generating traffic. Many big companies can simply generate their website traffic by spending more on its promotions and marketing but what about the small and limited budget companies? One and only solution of this problem is adoption of custom web design. You don’t need a giant budget for generating traffic but you simply design your website as per user’s needs and requirements. Aesthetic look and easy to use are two main parameters which will help you in generating more traffic.

There are many factors to consider in developing an excellent website and Custom web design is the one of the most factors among them. By using this type of design you can develop your website in favor of user’s needs. Nowadays many web designers suggest this design while developing the website. It is quite comprehensive in developing and saves lots of time of developers. Many features of it give you a freedom from development side which fulfills your desire requirement. The navigational part of this type of web design is perfect so users will not get frustrate in finding the information and they keep surfing the website. Also, it is very SEO friendly which is the most important part for getting traffic and convert them into sales.

Great web design allows you to connect with your customers without any geographical boundaries. Always remember that after designing such website you have to do a proper optimization of it to drive it to the extent level. Do proper execution of SEO and get rewarded with huge traffic.

Website Navigation must be considered while you opt for web design service

It seems we have discussed enough of web design service but still there is always something new or may be a different prospect of a thing, looking to this today we are going to discuss about the importance of navigation in entire website design as all those end users are keen to browse through website to get information, if they feel it difficult or annoying to locate any of information they are looking for they are more likely to leave your website and will never try to come back again. This may leave a bad impression in your end users mind, so here the best thing is to make sure you consider all those aspects which might improve end users experience. Though each websites are different and have their own specific purpose, some may be involved in sharing information whereas some may be involved in direct selling of their products or service. All such websites should be considered accordingly.

Let us discuss some of basic guidelines which should be considered by those website designers to design better websites:

All such navigation links should be placed either at top of the menu or may be at the sidebar where the visibility level is high. Make sure to include some relevant text in menu button, about what those Navigation links are meant for. This way of navigation may be considered as a conventional method but if you are suppose to use unconventional method where you are to place some typical box in terms of quick navigation near the sidebar, by which you are to provide all those products or service links by selecting different possible combination from drop down menu here you should always make sure to inform end users about how those quick navigation works. This way you save their considerable time in trial and error.

Even when it comes to navigation there is some thumb rules of “Three click Rule”, here there is belief that end users never will try to click more than three links to get what he is look for. Thus it is very much necessary to design the entire navigation structure accordingly. Well while talking about the navigation I should definitely include breadcrumbs technique of navigation else my talk will be considered as incomplete. Basically breadcrumbs are those, in which a combination of text and graphical presentation is placed above the beginning of body section, it is place at top left corner of a page. Each word is a link back to previous page, which better helps you to judge where you are currently located in website. Let us look to an example of how breadcrumb navigation looks like

Home – > web design > Importance of navigation

Hope you all might have come across with such a technique of navigation in article websites but looking to its usability level and end user friendliness, a trend has been set of using such a mode of navigation.

Custom web design Vs Web template design – what to consider for?

Well if you have decided to get your business online than you must be looking for one of possible way to get your online identity. Days are gone when a business use to rely on any particular local directories and by the way try to get listed over there to become visible to visitors who use to search related information. Now search engines seem to become too smart to provide relevant information to all those end users with less than second. End users don’t have to browse through directories and navigate sub menus to find information they are looking for. All they require is to input their keywords in search box and click search, they will be provided with number of results to select from. This seems to be the prime reason for considerable growth of all those search engines. Ok, it seems we are going of topic as we are to discuss about whether custom web design should be given more preference or web template design. So let us start discussion by considering pros and cons of both.

It seems that many believe custom web design may cost you many, as for any custom web design you may have to hire website designer and they charge huge. Though on one hand it will cost you bit high but at the same time you will have those entire professional look for your website, at initial stage it will cost extra money but it can be reimbursed in long run in terms of more business and profits. By availing custom web design you can expect those unique look to your entire website and you can differentiate yourself from the crowd. Further even those website designers can help you to make your website more search engine friendly by adopting all those factors which seems to be recommended by major search engines. They can even go ahead to take your future plans into consideration while designing your current website. They can make provision for all those future amendments and accordingly can save you some bucks in future.

If all you have decided to go for web template design, than some of benefits are even attached with them. Here all you can accomplish your designing needs within low budget. It may suit best for those who have low marketing budget and it is only the possible way to get online or may be even some who are in urgency  to publish their website soon, can even consider this option. while we can expect minimum cost and fewer time frames to get you online but still they hold few limitations as they don’t provide you those unique look as many might have purchase same template, if they are really looking good in their range. Further some of these templates are designed looking to general business needs so they wouldn’t provide you with that custom requirements for which you are looking for. Hope we had enough of discussion to conclude which one fits you better! Whether custom web design or website template depends on your needs and marketing budget.

B2b Website Designing Points

Designing a website for regular business and designing a website for B2B is totally different thing. There major difference in website designing. As the purpose changed for website, ordinary business website has to grab attention of visitors, so it requires good eye-catching design of website. Where B2B websites tend to be simpler, as it can, you need not have to increase visitors instead you need to generate leads that can be converted in to sales.

General tendency of website designers are visualization of a website. B2B websites needs maximum sales from website and not the visitor’s visits and run away. B2B websites are focused on sales not in getting just visitors. Here are some points that are to be considered while designing B2B website layout. They are as follows: –

Focus on Information, not on design: – When you are having B2B website, visitors who visits your website tends to get maximum information easily. They will not see whether the design is good or not. So try to make informative website design and with simple yet effective look.

Content for B2B Website: – One of the main aspects of B2B website lies in their content. Content plays vital role in getting visitors back and back. There are some points related to B2B website content are: –

1. Plan your B2B Website Content
2. Analyze and Update your B2B Content
3. Add B2B Content Regularly

Search Facility: – When you have hundreds of products you must provide search facility that helps visitors to search appropriate product easily. Because they are not use to with the navigation structure used in your site, so search facility improves product search ability.

Contact Us: – You must provide some resource to reach you, so in order to get same you can provide inquiry page or contact page on each and every page. So that it becomes easy to B2B visitors to contact you.