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Ecommerce solution: Mystery and solution

Ecommerce, what you know about this word? Many of the people have heard this word but only some of them can know the exact meaning of it. Let me explain it, Ecommerce word refers to the purchasing or selling the products and services via internet medium. In simple words, ecommerce is an online business where traders are interacting with customers and organization using the internet or they simply sell or purchase the products from online world.

Ecommerce solution is a thing which will help you in earning more money without worrying about ‘how’ to receive money. Ecommerce solution is now becomes a vital part of ecommerce business. If you have a best ecommerce solution then you can easily beat your business rivals but what the hell ecommerce solution is?

Mystery of ecommerce solution

In past when it comes to ecommerce business there was simple ecommerce website whose main intention was to sell products only via internet but the things in ecommerce is now completely changed. Now ecommerce business become more technical because ecommerce business owner has now integrated the features like content management system, customized shopping carts, customer relationship management, order tracking systems, reliable payment gateways which allow credit card transactions, etc. An implementation of such features will give you ecommerce solution because from such features customers will easily buy the products and keep the track on their order.

Although, there are some loopholes in these solutions so let’s discuss some possible way out of ecommerce solution.

What is the solution of this mystery?

A website is a main tool in ecommerce solution hence it is quite obvious that you have to integrate such things in your website which will give you best ecommerce solution.

  • As the ecommerce business core aim is to receive money from the website thus you must have to incorporate the payment gateways which are good enough to provide state-of-the-art service. Choose those types of payment gateways which provide high-end security and allows the credit card transactions because nowadays customers are widely using credit cards for purchasing the products from online and hence they want high-end security.
  • Create a platform where customers will interact with you and also that platform will going to help you in maintaining the customer’s data. In such case, CRM is the best option for you as from it you will be able to maintain all those stuffs. Also, in CRM you can store the customer’s interaction so in future you will get to know that in which part your website and business require improvements.
  • Order tracking system is now becomes more demandable feature in ecommerce website. Customers are always want to know that when their product will be delivered.
  • Create shopping cart which will provide all the information of selected products by customers. Remember that shopping cart must include information like product name, price, and payment option.

By providing such features you will create a platform which is totally oriented to customer’s need. Implement such features and you will definitely lead your ecommerce business at next level. All the best!


Some of known ecommerce Solutions for various platforms

Though number of ecommerce solution exists in the market but all of them are quite different from each other. Selection of the right ecommerce solution can resolve many probable problems arising in the future, so knowledge of each and every aspect of the software is must to judge which will fit you better.

I have gone through numerous website and research and found below listed shopping solutions to be the most popular and effective

osCOMMERCE: If you are in the PHP platform with MySQL installed, you can very well utilize this ecommerce solutions to make most out of it. It allows you to set prices in different currencies and accept almost all popular payment methods including PayPal, checks, credit cards and so on.

Zen cart being an improved version of Oscommerce includes many additional features and architectural enhancements. It is considered as one of the most user-friendly shopping cart. If you are in a industry where you have manage multiple sales and discount option or are concerned about your newsletter management than go for Zen cart, it will worth your money.

Magento: If you are concerned about the look, content and functionality than go for magento. I have seen numerous ecommerce websites switching to this platform. All you can do is with your single administration dashboard you can manage several online stores. You can even activate advanced analytics and reporting with multiple language support

VIRUTEMART: Hope you all will be well aware about the Joomla CMS, if yes than virtuemart is an extension of Joomla. If you have got your PHP web server along with MySQL database environment for storage, you can definitely go for it.

UBERCART: While talking about Joomla, let me even talk about drupal, well if you are using drupal as a platform than you can use ubercart as your ecommerce platform. With the help of ubercart you can configure your product catalog and can even generate sales, product and customer reports.

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