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Whether SEO is becoming a part of web design service?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is considered to be most important part of a website, whether it may be a small business dealing with leads or may be an ecommerce website who is concerned with selling things online. SEO seems to be becoming most important part of an online marketing strategy. Well, one can elaborate search engine optimization into two different processes; on page optimization and off page optimization which is more of a link building process. Today we are going to discuss the increasing importance of search engine optimization for any particular website and the changing face of SEO after Google Panda and Google penguin updates.

It seems when the search engine was just born at around 1998, webmasters don’t have to work more as they did today to get ranked for any particular term. Obviously being the number of business online seems to be very much few and accordingly even a small number of end users tried to use such platform to search for things they are looking for. A webmaster only by updating with meta details easily ranked for any particular keywords but as days past there seems huge progress in technology and so is facility to access web, this made end users to stick to online web for hours creating an opportunity for business to market their products over there. Slowly all business started to understand the importance of taking business online and this resulted in increased competition.

By being listed at the top business started to get increased leads and this has induced them to do one or another thing to procure that top most position, they started to use software’s to manipulate Google search algorithm and adopted all those technique which were against webmaster Guidelines. Google in order to tackle such spam activity introduces such update in their algorithm on regular basis, Google Panda and Google penguin is similar update from Google to control the spamming activity on web. Now it seems SEO is becoming more professional work rather than mere a data entry work. Now one require to publish original and meaningful content to at least get some value derived from them, Here each webmaster should now concentrate on more of On page activity such as building user friendly website, writing informative content, considering browser compatibility, navigational structure, color combination, functionality and lot more, these way we can conclude that SEO is now becoming a part of web design service no doubt Link building still remain one of the most important factor because it is this stuff which helps Google to discover more important website from crowd, here now I will ask those SEO folk to even concentrate on Social signals of your website because they seems to be playing an important role in your entire online marketing strategy.


Strategy behind Ecommerce Website Design

“Website represents a brand”, A Web design strategy pays off for you and your organization. In Ecommerce platform all the things are depended on the Website, as all the business has come from online. At this time we have to be more creative and strategic. Comprehensive Marketing plan drives ecommerce business to the skies. The future of Ecommerce will accelerate the shift of the power toward the consumer. Ecommerce is defined as buying and selling of product, services or information via internet. As the fastest growing internet Ecommerce provides new way of doing business. As website represents a brand, Ecommerce website design has become one of the main key features to expand the market.

Web design has evolved from static HTML publishing in the early days to dynamic multimedia. There are reasons to believe that the web will become a significant money-making vehicle for Ecommerce. The strategy of website design is different as per the Ecommerce models; however there are some generic strategies which can be used in all models of Ecommerce website design.  As generic strategies like Product promotion, Timely information, better customer service, building broad awareness and image and so on are the most important factor in ecommerce business model.

A good Ecommerce website design will lead the visitor to the right page in one click. On the Ecommerce website important link is the order form link.  As sales has been generating only from the order form page, the promotion of it become a most important factor in Ecommerce website. A layout of ecommerce website also plays a big role in success of business. One important aspect is where the user’s eye looks first when accessing a website. Research said that the middle left area will attract the most attention of users rather than center of the page. This is the technique to reach the users to the desire destination. By considering these aspects we can make a most comprehensive Ecommerce website.

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Website Navigation must be considered while you opt for web design service

It seems we have discussed enough of web design service but still there is always something new or may be a different prospect of a thing, looking to this today we are going to discuss about the importance of navigation in entire website design as all those end users are keen to browse through website to get information, if they feel it difficult or annoying to locate any of information they are looking for they are more likely to leave your website and will never try to come back again. This may leave a bad impression in your end users mind, so here the best thing is to make sure you consider all those aspects which might improve end users experience. Though each websites are different and have their own specific purpose, some may be involved in sharing information whereas some may be involved in direct selling of their products or service. All such websites should be considered accordingly.

Let us discuss some of basic guidelines which should be considered by those website designers to design better websites:

All such navigation links should be placed either at top of the menu or may be at the sidebar where the visibility level is high. Make sure to include some relevant text in menu button, about what those Navigation links are meant for. This way of navigation may be considered as a conventional method but if you are suppose to use unconventional method where you are to place some typical box in terms of quick navigation near the sidebar, by which you are to provide all those products or service links by selecting different possible combination from drop down menu here you should always make sure to inform end users about how those quick navigation works. This way you save their considerable time in trial and error.

Even when it comes to navigation there is some thumb rules of “Three click Rule”, here there is belief that end users never will try to click more than three links to get what he is look for. Thus it is very much necessary to design the entire navigation structure accordingly. Well while talking about the navigation I should definitely include breadcrumbs technique of navigation else my talk will be considered as incomplete. Basically breadcrumbs are those, in which a combination of text and graphical presentation is placed above the beginning of body section, it is place at top left corner of a page. Each word is a link back to previous page, which better helps you to judge where you are currently located in website. Let us look to an example of how breadcrumb navigation looks like

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Hope you all might have come across with such a technique of navigation in article websites but looking to its usability level and end user friendliness, a trend has been set of using such a mode of navigation.